CODATA / ERPANET Workshop on the Selection, Appraisal and Retention of Scientific Data
Lisbon, Portugal
15th  17th December 2003

ERPANET and CODATA are pleased to announce a joint International Archiving Workshop on the Selection, Appraisal, and Retention of Scientific Data. This three-day workshop, co-hosted by the Biblioteca Nacional, will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on the 15th to 17th December 2003.

The aim of the workshop is to identify and discuss the key scientific, technical, management, and policy considerations for the successful implementation of appraisal and selection guidelines and retention policies. The workshop will also provide a networking opportunity for participants to meet with other researchers, data managers, information specialists, archivists, and science policy experts across disciplines and national boundaries. 

_Benefits from Attendance_

One of the major aims for this workshop is to provide and international forum to exchange information about data archiving policies and practices across different scientific, institutional, and national contexts. This seminar is aimed at all people involved in the creation and management of scientific data. 

_Programme and seminar focus_

- opening: 15th December, 13:30 
- overview of ERPANET and CODATA activities
- overview of selecting, appraising and retention of scientific data across disciplines
- achieving the maximum potential scientific, economic and social benefits from public investments in the long-term retention of scientific data
- exploring perspectives across different disciplines via case studies 
- examining common/unique long-term appraisal and selection guidelines and long-term retention policies 
- successfully implementing scientific, technical, management, and policy considerations 
- closing: 17th December, 12:30 

_Seminar Format_

During this 3-day seminar, disciplinary and interdisciplinary case studies will focus on both the content creator and the end user perspectives. These sessions will be followed by a general discussion of the case studies. A plenary discussion will examine common/unique long-term appraisal and selection guidelines and retention policies as well as scientific, technical, management, and policy considerations for successful implementation. Expert speakers include Meredith Lane (GBIF Secretariat, Denmark), Peter Quinn (European Southern Observatory, Germany), Alex Szalay (John Hopkins University, USA), Myron Gutmann (ICPSR, USA), Kevin Schurer (UK Data Archive, UK) and John Faundeen (EDC, USA). The workshop will also feature keynote addresses from Peter Weiss (National Weather Service, USA), Dominique Foray (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifiquè, France) and Bernard Smith (European Commission). 

The venue is the Biblioteca Nacional at Campo Grande 83, 1749-081 Lisbon, Portugal.

_To Register_

The registration fee is 150 Euros, to be paid in due time before the seminar.

Register at 

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