trusted digital repositories for cultural digital heritage 
Rome, Italy
17th - 19th November 2003

ERPANET and ACCADEMIA NAZIONALE DEI LINCEI are pleased to announce a joint International Workshop on the Trusted Digital Repositories for Cultural Heritage. This three-day workshop will be held in Rome, Italy on the 17th to 19th November 2003 in the elegant setting of the beginning of the 16th Century Palazzo Corsini, residence of the Accademia, in via della Lungara 10.

The aim of the workshop is to identify and discuss the key scientific, technical, management, and policy considerations for the successful implementation of trusted repositories for preserving cultural heritage. The workshop will also provide a networking opportunity for participants to meet with other researchers, data managers, information specialists, archivists, and science policy experts across disciplines and national boundaries. 

_Benefits from Attendance_

One of the major aims for the workshop is to provide an international forum to exchange information about data archiving policies and practices across different scientific, institutional, and national contexts, specifically directed to the people involved in the creation, management and implementation of digital repositories in sectors that require long-term preservation because of the permanent and cultural value of their digital repositories contents. 

_Programme and focus_

* opening: 17thNovember 9:30 
* an examination of the issues related to quality standards for creating digital resources in different technological, format domains (texts, databases, audiovisual, imaging, multimedia), and disciplines.  Especially where these issues impact on the development and delivery of digital repositories.;
* achieving the maximum potential scientific, economic and social benefits from public investments in organising and maintaining a long-term digital repositories, specifically by defining the nature of the actions required for capture; 
* examining policies, methods and procedures required for storage repositories with a special focus on design/implementation, documentation and metadata definition, workflow model, preservation strategies and tools, certification and auditing; 
* successfully implementing scientific, technical, management, and policy considerations;
* exploring perspectives across different disciplines, emerging technologies and applications via case studies  
* closing: 19th November, 18:00 


During this 3-day workshop, conceptual analysis related to the standards, the policies and the methods and disciplinary and interdisciplinary case studies will focus on both the content creators/custodians and the end users perspectives. Each presentation will be discussed and at the end of the main sessions breakout groups will be able to verify further issues which require further analysis and to propose future elements to be investigated. The workshop will also feature keynote addresses from Tito Orlandi (Centro Interdisciplinare Linceo, Italy) and Robert Kahn (Corporation for National Research Initiatives, US). Expert speakers include Robin Dale (RLG), Fynnette Eaton (NARA, US), Seamus Ross and Adam Rusbridge (University of Glasgow), Victoria Reich (LOCKSS), Nick Wainwright (HP laboratories and Dspace).

The venue is Palazzo Corsini, the residence of the Accademia nazionale dei Lincei, via della Lungara 10, Rome, Italy.

_To Register_

The registration fee is 100 Euros, to be paid before the workshop.

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