I'm Adrian Cosentini, the Chief Audio engineer at VidiPax. I don't handle video but at Vidipax we have all sorts of old video machines that the video staff know how to use to transfer video onto DVD or any other video medium you would like. check out our web site www.vidipax.com or give us a call at 212-563-1999 (ext 140 Kevin O'Neill). We have done (and are doing) lot's of work for LOC.
Adrian Cosentini
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I have approximately 60 hours of one inch reel to reel videotape of historical interest to string music education and about 25 hours on inch reel to reel video that I would like to preserve by transferring it to VHS or DVD.  Does anyone know where I can buy a reel to reel video machine or know of a place that can provide that service? 


Patricia D'Ercole