In EAD 2002, the type attribute of <container> is no longer a closed list.
In other words, you can set whatever value you want.  So rather than having
to use
<container type="othertype" othertype="box-folder-item"> you can use
<container type="box-folder-item">.

I hope this answers your question.

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> Subject: alternate container markup in EAD 2002
> Up till now, I've been using the @othertype attribute in the <container>
> element in order to accommodate finding aids that assign "box-folder-item"
> markup to individual items in collections.  Looking through the
> 2002 DTD, I
> see that this attribute has been discontinued.  What avenues are available
> for doing this sort of markup?  In the 2002 Tab Library there is
> an example
> of a finding aid with some item-level description; however, it assumes one
> item per folder, so only box-folder numbers are used.  Some of our finding
> aids describe multiple items in a single container, so each item is
> numbered separately.  For instance: Folder 1--Item 1, Folder
> 1--Item 2, etc.
> Has anyone found a way to handle this, in the absence of the othertype
> attribute?
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