This message is to inform you about the presentation of two new open
source tools for publishing collections of digitized images and EAD
findings aids : Pleade and Navimages. The presentations will be in
French, but questions and comments in English are welcome. Details and
program below.

Thank you,

Martin Sévigny

Presentation of Pleade and Navimages

AJLSM and Anaphore companies, along with the Centre historique des
Archives nationales (CHAN) will host on October the 7th a presentation
of two open source tools, Pleade and Navimages :

- Pleade is a generic platform for searching and browsing archival
finding aids encoded in XML/EAD, jointly developed by AJLSM and
Anaphore. Pleade’s website is at
- Navimages is a generic platform for managing, searching, browsing and
viewing series of digital images. The platform is developed by AJLSM
under a contract from the Direction des archives de France. Navimages’
website is at

Both toolkits, which have been designed to closely work together,
provide innovative software solutions to build documentary applications
from archival resources. They make use of the open source SDX platform
( ).

Both software will be officially introduced during the October 7th
meeting; their source code will be publicly available in September.
Archivists and other heritage information specialists will be invited,
along with their partners, public or private.

The meeting will begin at 14h00 in the afternoon, and will be held at
the Musée de l’histoire de France at CHAN (Paris, France). The program
and exact location are below.

Registration is currently open, you just have to email, mail, phone or
fax to Ghislaine Darthy (contact information is below), giving your name
and institution.

------------ PROGRAM --------------

When : Tuesday, October 5th, 2003, 14h00
Where : Musée de l'histoire de France (CHAN, hôtel de Soubise, 60 rue
des Francs-Bourgeois, 75003 PARIS, France ; metro : Rambuteau,
Arts-et-Métiers, Hôtel-de-Ville)

14h00 - 14h10 : Welcoming message by Martine de Boisdeffre, directrice
des Archives de France

14h10 -  14h25 : General introduction, by Marie-Paule Arnauld, directeur
du Centre historique des Archives nationales, France (CHAN)

14h25 - 14h50 : Free software and digitization of cultural resources :
the research and development politics of the ministry, by Jean-Pierre
Dalbéra, head of the mission de la recherche et de la technologie au
ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, France

14h50 -  15h10 : Presentation of PLEADE, by Martin Sévigny, AJLSM

15h10 - 15h45 : Using PLEADE as a complement to Arkhéïa's Aide au
classement module, by Louis Colombani, Anaphore ; PLEADE at the
departmental archives of Maine-et-Loire (France) : first experiences, by
Laurent Salaün, IT specialist at the departmental archives of

15h45 -  16h10 : Break

16h10  -  16h30 : Presentation of Navimages, by Martin Sévigny, AJLSM

16h30 -  16h50 : Using Navimages for the application "Etat civil des
Français d'Algérie", by Agnès Goudail, scientific director of the
operation at the Centre des Archives d'Outre-Mer, France (CAOM)

16h55 - 17h20 : Using Navimages for the Champlain project
- general presentation of the project, by Martine Cornède, project
leader for France
- presentation of the Champlain application, by Martin Sévigny, AJLSM

17h20 -  17h45 : PLEADE and Navimages: basic tools for building an
information system, by Florence Clavaud, IT director, CHAN

From 18h00, a cocktail will be served to all participants.

--------- INSCRIPTIONS -------------

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