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> >John Clews wrote on 09/17/2003 04:03:45 PM:
> >
> >>  In that case, why don't you just leave it as a matter for
> >>  the work in ISO 639-3?

> At 23:57 -0700 2003-09-18, Peter Constable wrote:

> >From the info available to me, I would not at this point expect
> >"Valencian" and "Catalan" to have distinct identifiers in ISO 639-3 --
> >they would be considered distinct names for the same individual language.
> >(They might perhaps also be considered different dialectal variants of a
> >single individual language, but ISO 639-3 will not purport to deal with
> >dialects.)

Michael Everson wrote:

> Hello? ca-valencian is available in 3066 if anyone wants to do a little work.

John Clews adds:

That's fine. It would mean no changes to ISO 639-1 or to ISO 639-2.

In passing, Valencian is also likely to be available as a _code_ in
ISO 639-6 (at a very early stage of development in ISO/TC37/SC2)
which would cover dialects and alternative names of languages.

If there is a need for Valencian, it might also be useful for
the IETF language tag discussion group to consider how
RFC 3066 and any successors may relate to ISO 639-6,
as well as to ISO 639-1, ISO 639-2, and ISO 639-3.

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