Below please find a submission relating to the indigenous names of the
Sorbian languages.

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Subject: Sorbian in Sorbian

Dear Mr. Hjulstad,

I try to answer to your question about the best indigenous names of the two 
Sorbian languages.
Your proposals are right, but there is a different in the spelling of "rec".

Lower Sorbian: dolnoserbski, dolnoserbska rec ("rec" spelled "r + e-caron + 
Upper Sorbian: hornjoserbski, hornjoserbsce, hornjoserbska rec ("rec"
"r + e-caron + c-caron"). 

I hope you anderstand my answer and the different of "rec" in Upper and
Sorbian. If not I can send you a fax, where you can see the different.

Best regards 
Edmund Pech.