The National Library of Portugal is starting a new development phase for
the infrastructure of its "National Digital Library", where the METS
schema (and the FEDORA framework) will play a very important role.

To help in our local communication, we translated to Portuguese the
actual version of the METS tutorial, which can be found temporarily at:

I don't know if the METS community defined already a model to deal with
this kind of documentation (we might be interested in follow with other
translations)... It'd be great for us if this translation could be add
to the METS site, at:

If not, please let me know it, so we can host it in a definitive address
in one of our servers...

Best Regards
José Borbinha
Prof. José Luis Borbinha <[log in to unmask]>
Biblioteca Nacional (National Library of Portugal)
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(Direction of Services for Innovation and Development)
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