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In the METS tutorial at ( we can read:


The <mdRef> element of this <dmdSec> contains four attributes. (...) the MDTYPE allows you to indicate what form of metadata is being referenced. Valid values for the MDTYPE element include MARC, MODS, EAD, VRA (VRA Core), DC (Dublin Core), NISOIMG (NISO Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images), LC-AV (Library of Congress Audiovisual Metadata) , TEIHDR (TEI Header), DDI (Data Documentation Initiative), FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee Metadata Standard [FGDC-STD-001-1998] ), and OTHER. (...).


This description is related with this part of the METS Schema 1.3 (

- <xsd:attributeGroup name="METADATA">
- <xsd:attribute name="MDTYPE" use="required">
- <xsd:simpleType>
- <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
  <xsd:enumeration value="MARC" />
  <xsd:enumeration value="MODS" />
  <xsd:enumeration value="EAD" />
  <xsd:enumeration value="DC" />
  <xsd:enumeration value="NISOIMG" />
  <xsd:enumeration value="LC-AV" />
  <xsd:enumeration value="VRA" />
  <xsd:enumeration value="TEIHDR" />
  <xsd:enumeration value="DDI" />
  <xsd:enumeration value="FGDC" />
  <xsd:enumeration value="OTHER" />
  <xsd:attribute name="OTHERMDTYPE" type="xsd:string" use="optional" />


Since at we are using UNIMARC as our bibliographic format at the BN - National Library of Portugal, and we are moving our infrastructure to METS, I'd like to make the proposal to have included in the list of values for MDTYPE the value "UNIMARC".

BN is also the actual coordinator of the IFLA's UNIMARC Program. In that sense we'd like to commit ourselves with the raising of awarness about METS by the UNIMARC community, providing its spread (which we can do after the MDTYPE revision).



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