I agree with all three points.  Like you, I don't think we need
'dateLastValidated' and 'dateLastAccessed' - the former is better.



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> Subject:      Re: [MODS] Date accessed
> Without rehashing the whole discussion, I suggest:
> 1. "date accessed" is not a good name, because as we've seen it has a
> number
> of connotations.  I suggest 'dateLastValidated' which is what Rebecca had
> in
> mind originally, to mean the last time that someone (with the authority to
> do so) said that the item was up-to-date.
> 2. "Date valid" is not a good name, because similarly, it has a number of
> connotations.  I suggest 'dateApplicable', to mean the date that the
> information contained in the item will become (or became) valid, like a
> train schedule.
> 3. If "date of last access" is needed, call it 'dateLastAccessed'.
> However
> I'm not suggesting we add it.
> There's also been discussion of urls and how they fit with this ....  I
> don't think it's been sufficiently thought out. I'll post my thoughts  in
> another message.
> --Ray