I think I remember Karen Coyle once answering this, but now I'll try.

From a bibliographic description point of view, there has to be some sort
of manifestation of that event, since we don't usually describe things in
terms of a happening in time. We would usually have a tape or a video of
that one-on-one interview or performance, which is what we would describe.
So MODS already covers those. In terms of describing as an event, we do
have something called the MARC Community Information Format that can be
used for this purpose. It hasn't been widely implemented and there is some
overlap with bibliographic description in that we've used many of the same
fields. Since MODS has been largely based on the MARC bibliographic
format, we didn't carry over elements specific to community information.

So are you really describing an event without regard to its
manifestation? In which case, no, there seems to be no typeOfResource
value that's appropriate, but you could use a genre value "event" (not
from any controlled list).


On Mon, 15 Sep 2003, Bruce D'Arcus wrote:

> OK, I've periodically brought this issue up casually, but I'm wondering
> if anyone has any concrete suggestions.  I am working on an easy-to-use
> schema that is based more-or-less on MODS. However, I still don't
> understand how in MODS to distinguish between:
> - an interview broadcast on a radio, and a one-on-one private interview
> - a play, and the performance of the play
> - a speech text, and a speech performance
> Is there something missing in MODS to fully support this?  Maybe an
> "event" typeOfResource value?  Something else?
> Bruce