Those three types all do have a duplicate attribute 'type' but the 'type'
from XLink gets a different prefix so theoretically there shouldn't be an
error. The error would be a result of the validator not recognizing that the
XLink 'type' is prefixed, or otherwise thinking that the two have the same

I can't duplicate this error  (fidling around with  namespace declarations,
attributeFormDefault, etc.) using XMLSpy 4.4. I recently upgraded to 4.4,
but I never got the error with the old version (and these attributes in
question have been in MODS for a long time.) Unfortunately I don't have the
old version to play around with.

Does anyone else get this error?


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Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 3:45 PM
Subject: [MODS] MODS Schema Validation Error

> Hi,
> I am using MODS to record metadata for video files. I keep getting an
> error that says, "This schema does not appear to be valid by itself ( as
> a part of another schema it might still be OK): Duplicated attribute
> type found!" when I try to open the MODS schema in XMLSPY. I am trying
> to register the schema with Oracle XDB, and it also gives me the same
> error.
> The duplicated type attribute that the error is referring to is found in
> the definition of the complex types "titleInfoType" , "nameType" and
> "relatedItemType". In these definitions the "type" attribute is defined
> as part of the MODS schema and also included as an attribute group
> reference to "xlink:simpleLink".
> Could anyone on this list please suggest a way to eliminate this error?
> Thank you,
> Prajakta Vaidya