Machines and Accessories Report  No. 03-13

       Date: August 29, 2003

       Subject: Allocation of newly manufactured C-1 players

       Following a Library of Congress Inspector General recommendation, the
       number of newly manufactured C-1 players being sent to machine-lending
       agencies has been reduced from the number of players sent last year.  The
       current allocation of new players is based on readership reported by libraries
       and the number of machines produced.

       There is a sufficient quantity of new and refurbished machines to meet current
       network needs.  If more machines are required than received, please contact
       the NLS Equipment Control Officer, who will supply additional units.

       Due to unintentional circumstances no prior notification of this change was
       sent to regional libraries.  We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

       For machines please contact:

       Jim Miller, Equipment Control Officer
        (202) 707-9321
        [log in to unmask]

       For additional information please contact:

       Robert Axtell
       Acting Chief
       Materials Development
       (202) 707-9248
       [log in to unmask]