Network Bulletin No. 03-33

     Date: August 29, 2003

     Subject:  Reference Materials
     Index Term:   Magazines in Special Media

       The 2003 edition of __Magazines in Special Media__ lists all NLS-produced
       magazines and those available for purchase, loan, or free subscription from non-
       network sources.  Large-print copies have been mailed to network libraries and to
       readers who requested them on the annual publication survey.

       Additional copies can be ordered from your multistate center (MSC stock number
       BB005).  The directory is on the NLS web site at
       < reference/directories/magazines2003.html>.
        Braille and cassette versions will be distributed later this year.

       Please discard all remaining large-print stock of the 2000 edition of __Magazines in
       Special Media__

       For further information contact:

       Linda Redmond, Head
       Reference Section

       [Enclosure: This bulletin contained a print enclosure that was mailed to the network on
       August 29, 2003.]