Network Bulletin No. 03-36

Date:   September 26, 2003

Subject: Readership and circulation
Index term: 2003 annual reports

This is a call for fiscal year 2003 annual reader and circulation reports covering the period
October 1, 2002 - September 30, 2003.  These reports should be completed on the
Network Library Database __by October 31, 2003.__

 Beginning with the semiannual reports for October 1, 2002 - March 31, 2003,  NLS is
requesting a more expansive reporting of readership and circulation statistics.  The
reporting guidelines and procedures are as follows:

Network libraries will maintain statistics of the total number of active readers served
during each federal fiscal year. Statistics will be reported to NLS semiannually.
    1.    The total number of active readers will include all individuals and institutions
          registered and receiving services from a network library at any time during the
          reporting period.
    2.    Network libraries will maintain a complete file of applications for service for all
          registered readers reported to NLS.
    3.    To remain active, registered readers must receive materials or services from a
          network library at least once each federal fiscal year. After one year of inactivity,
          reader accounts will be closed and library materials retrieved when possible.
    4.    A reader will be considered active and reported to NLS if, during the course of the
              reporting period, the reader uses any of the following materials or services:
      NLS recorded books or magazines
      NLS braille books or magazines or Web-Braille
      Volunteer-recorded books or magazines
      Volunteer-brailled books or magazines
       Network-provided newsletters (any format)
       Domestic and international interlibrary loan
       Other service categories such as large print, descriptive videos, NEWSLINE, or
other dial-in newspapers.

Specifically excluded are materials which patrons receive directly from other agencies
such as The Matilda Ziegler, Choice Magazine Listening, American Printing House for
the Blind, and Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic.

__Reporting Procedures for Readership__
Network libraries will use the definition and clarifications above to submit readership and
reader statistics to NLS in the following categories (see the attached "Readership" pages
that mirror the online form):

Individual readers served:

Deposit collections served:
Libraries (not subregionals)
Schools for the blind and physically handicapped
Public and private schools (elementary and secondary only)
Nursing homes and convalescent homes
Other (specify)

Number of readers using the following NLS provided formats:
BR (braille)
RC (recorded cassette)
RD (recorded disc)

Number of readers using network-provided formats:
LP (large-print books)
DVS (descriptive videos)
Other dial-in newspapers
Assistive technology at library

Libraries should only report on services they are providing. In the case of Web-Braille,
braille-lending libraries can identify the number of readers signed up for Web-Braille
through the NLS network library web page, Web-Braille User Administration.

__Reporting Procedures for Circulation__
Network libraries will collect and report circulation statistics in the following categories
(also listed in the attached "Circulation" page that mirrors the online form):

Circulation of:
BR (braille)
RC (recorded cassette)
RD (recorded disc)
Web-Braille - to be provided by NLS
Large-print books
DVS (descriptive videos)
Other (specify)

NLS tracks __Talking Book Topics and Braille Book Review__ circulation and includes
it in direct-mail magazine circulation statistics, which are documented annually in__
Library Resources for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.__ Beginning with this
reporting  period, the number of annual catalogs sent to readers (through CMLS) will be
compiled by NLS and also reported.

Network libraries have the option of reporting statistics on the following items distributed
at the network library level:
Special Format Items Distributed by Libraries

 Item               LP  BR  RC     Computer Diskette

NLS Catalogs
Network Catalogs
NLS Bibliographies
Network Bibliographies
Network Newsletters
Sample NLS Magazines

__Reporting Procedures for Workload-Related Information:__
Network libraries must report:
Number of patrons establishing service during reporting period
Number of patrons discontinuing service during reporting period

 __Reporting Schedule__
The screen for entering statistics will be available from September 30, 2003 to October
31, 2003.  Network librarians are expected to submit their Readership and Circulation
reports by October 31, 2003.  Regional librarians should submit information only for their
own libraries and not in combination with their subregionals, as in the past. Subregional
librarians should enter their own reports. However, if regional librarians maintain
statistics for their subregional libraries, they must enter the data in the subregional
database (not combined with their own).

__Reporting Forms and Access to the Network Library Database__
Copies that mirror the online reporting forms are attached to aid in reviewing the statistics
that you are keeping and in making sure you have the new data that you will report.  To
access the Network Library Database, log into the network library services web site,
<>, with your administrative user id and password. The "network
database" is the seventh link on the menu.  Link to the screen that includes the
subheading: "Update Readership Information for F.Y. - Period:  2003 Full Year" and
follow the prompts. If you need additional categories that are not already on the screen,
"Add Other" buttons are available, but they may not work well for older versions of
Internet Explorer and Netscape.  If you click the "Add Other" button and nothing
happens, complete the rest of the page and submit the record or press the "Update
Statistics" button.  Then return to the main menu, link to "Update Readership....," then
press the "Add Other" button which will place additional blank rows on the page.  If you
are using a current version of Internet Explorer, this step is not necessary.

After you have created the readership record and submitted it or pressed the "Update
statistics" button, the computer will automatically create a circulation screen and provide
a link on the bottom of the  "Results of Readership Update Submission" page.

Since this is the first annual reporting period under the new guidelines,  NLS is requesting
that cooperating libraries submit these readership and circulation statistics both online
and in hard copy to assure parallel collection and accuracy.  When you finish submitting
your report online, fax a hard copy to NLS at (202) 707-0712.  Please do not mail these

Please direct any questions about interpretation to your network consultant.

For further information on entering data, contact:

Linda Redmond
Head, Reference Section

[Enclosures: This Bulletin contained print enclosures when mailed to the Network on
September 26, 2003.]