About Face Michaels, Fern NYT RC
Accidental Woman Delinsky, Barbara NYT RC 55759
Angels and Demons Brown, Dan NYT, WP. LAT RC 51799
Bare Bones Reich, Kathy NYT RC 56484
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Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Haddon, Mark WP, LAT RC
Dating Game Steel, Danielle NYT/LAT RC 56414/BR 14867
Dead Ringer Scottoline, Lisa NYT RC 56500
Dogs of Babel Parkhurst, Carolyn NYT/LAT/WP RC 56295
Eleventh Hour Coulter, Catherine NYT RC 54809
Executive Power Flynn, Vince NYT/LAT RC 56302
Face Koontz, Dean NYT/LAT RC 56285
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Isle of Palms Frank, Dorothea Benton NYT RC
Johnny Angel Steel, Danielle NYT RC 56483
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Man to Call My Own Lindsey, Johanna NYT RC
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Other Woman Dickey, Eric Jerome NYT/WP RC56284
Place of Hiding George, Elizabeth NYT, LAT RC 56504/BR 14871
Sisters of APF Zane WP (on order)
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Trading Places Michaels, Fern NYT RC 56494
Trading Up Bushnell, Candace NYT, LAT, WP RC
To Sir Phillip, With Love Quinn, Julia NYT RC
Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Sea of Fire Rovin, Jeff NYT (on order)
Traveler's Gift Andrews, Andy NYT RC
Unfit to Practice O'Shaughnessy, Perri NYT RC 54806
Villa Incognito Robbins, Tom LAT BR 14868
Virgin Blue Chevalier, Tracy WP RC
White Death Cussler, Clive NYT/LAT RC 56507
30 Minute Meals, 2 Ray, Rachel NYT (on order)
Absolutely American Lipsky, David NYT (on order)
Before the Change Gittleman, Ann Louise NYT (on order)
Benjamin Franklin Isaacson, Walter NYT, LAT, WP RC 56501
Benjamin Branklin Morgan, Edmund S. NYT RC 54936
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Bush at War Woodward, Bob NYT RC 55015/BR 14429
Chicken Soup for the Sister's Soul Canfield, Jack, et al NYT RC 56495
Curves Heavin, Gary and Colman, Carol NYT BR 14867
Dr. Atkins' New Carbohydrate Gram Counter Atkins, Robert C. WP (on order)
Essential 55 Clark, Ron NYT, LAT RC
God's Secretaries Nicholson, Adam WP RC 56486
Haley's Hints Haley, Graham and Haley, Rosemary NYT (awaiting copyright)
Invisible Eden Flook, Maria NYT RC 56502
It's Not About the Bike Armstrong, Lance WP, LAT RC 50265
Kate Remembered Berg, A. Scott NYT, WP RC/BR
Kennedy Curse Klein, Edward NYT (on order)
Million Little Pieces Frey, James LAT RC
Mortals Rush, Norman WP RC 56505
New Kind of Science Wolfram, Stephen LAT (on order)
Patriot's Handbook Kennedy, Caroline NYT RC 56506
Purpose-Driven Life Warren Rich WP RC 55648
Seabiscuit Hillenbrand, Laura NYT. LAT RC 51968/BR
Sleeping with the Devil Baer, Robert WP (on order)
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Teammates Halberstan, David NYT/WP/LAT RC 56289
Treason Coulter, Ann NYT, LAT, WP RC56497
Treasury of Great American Scandal Farquhar, Michael WP (on order)
Under the Banner of Heaven Krakauer, Jon NYT, LAT, WP RC
Useful Idiots Charen, Mona NYT RC
What Becomes of the Brokenhearted Harris, E. Lynn NYT, WP (on order)
When Hollywood Had a King Bruck, Connie LAT (on order)
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Junie B., First Grader: Cheater Pants Park, Barbara NYT RC 56509/BR 14965
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Benjamin Franklin Isaacson, Walter BOMC RC 56501
Beyond Glory: Medal of Honor Heroes in Their Own Words Smith, Larry BOMC RC
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Bleachers Grishan, John BOMC (on order_
Blind Side Coulter, Catherine RBC (on order)
Center of Everything Moriarty, Laura BOMC/LG RC
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Darwin's Children Bear, Greg SFBC RC
Dating Game Steel, Danielle LG RC 56414/BR 14867
Dead Ringer Scottoline, Lisa MG/LG RC
Die in Plain Sight Lowell, Elizabeth RBC RC 56441/BR 14866
Dogs of Babel Parkhurst, Carolyn BOMC RC 56295
Don't Look Now Miller, Linda Lael RBC (on order)
Dune: Machine Crusade Herbert, Brian and Anderson, Keviin J. SFBC (on order)
Exit Wounds Jance, J.A. MG (on order)
Face Koontz, Dean BOMC/LG RC 56285
First Rider's Call Britain, Kristen SFBC (on order)
Five People You Meet in Heaven Albom, Mitch BOMC (on order)
Flirting with Pete Delinsky, Barbara LG RC 56487
For Love and Glory Anderson, Poul SFBC (On order)
Forever and Always Deveraux, Jude RBC (on order)
Gates of Dawn Newcomb, Robert SFBC (on order)
Gathering Storm Elliott, Kate SFBC RC 56492
Gettysburg Sears, Stephen W. BOMC RC 56250
Gone Too Far Brockman, Suzanne RBC RC
High Druid of Shannara: Jarka Ruus Brooks, Terry SFBC (on order)
Ilium Simmons, Dan SFBC (on order)
Johnny Angel Steel, Danielle LG RC 56483
Killing Hour Gardner, Lisa LG RC
Man to Call My Own Lindsey, Johanna RBC RC
Middletown, America Sheehy, Gail BOMC (on order)
Modern American Presidency Gould, Lewis L. BOMC (on order)
Naked Empire Goodkind, Terry SFBC RC 56503
Place of Hiding George, Elizabeth MG RC 56504/BR 14871
Presumption of Death O'Shaughnessy, Perri MG RC
Racing Moon Edwards, Cassie RBC RC 56493
Raven Warrior Borchardt, Alice SFBC RC
Remember When Roberts, Nora and

Robb, J.D.

LG (on order)
Seizure Cook, Robin MG.BOMC RC 56496/BR 14869
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Split Second Baldacci, David BOMC (on order)
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War of the Flowers Williams, Tad SFBC RC
Wedding Sparks, Nicholas LS (on order)
Year's Best Science Fiction Dozois, Gardner, ed. SFBC RC 56499