My understanding is that it doesn't matter what resultSetId is returned
from the server for either of these - or more importantly it is up to
the server implementation - providing that the contents are as expected.

Clearly it is a prudent optimisation in both cases to re-use the
existing resultSet and return the same id, which is what Ralph wants.
However, it is also possible to write a server which creates a new
result set (and corresponding id) for either or both cases (although
that wouldn't be particularly efficient) or even one that re-uses the
same result set but generates a new result set id (i.e. have multiple
result set ids referencing the same in memory result set).

Both a and b would restart the clock rolling on the TTL for the result
set called fish, so in the case when the server returns a new result set
id, it doesn't matter which the client uses in any future request.



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> Whilst doing some well overdue tidying of my CQL parser code, I came
> across the getResultSetName function (which Ralph asked for 
> to take any
> query and find out if it's just a result set reference)
> I have two versions of this:
> a)  If the query is a single searchClause and the index is
> srw.resultsetname, then return the term.  Otherwise, return false.
> b)  As above, but return the term if all searchClauses in the tree are
> joined by AND or OR and all reference the same result set. eg:
>       srw.resultsetname=fish and srw.resultsetname=fish
> My question is that is the above mutant present really an equally
> mutant request to copy the result set to some new result set?
> I've looked on the cql/srw site, but can't find any obvious 
> rule about the
> semantics when the resulting result set is certainly identical to the
> originals.
> Rob
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