At 01:16 PM 10/9/2003 -0500, Brandon Burke wrote:
>I need something along the lines of Masterlist CD that will allow me to insert
>track numbers into an alreay existing and already mixed piece.  Example: I
>a 58-minute oral history interview I digitized from reel tape and my client
>wants me to insert track numbers every, say, couple of minutes as a way to
>assist researchers.  More of an indexing situation than individual
>*tracks* but
>I think you know what I mean.  The piece still needs to play through without
>interuptions.  I read that Digidesign has discontinued Masterlist CD and, as
>far as I can tell, Toast won't allow me to do this unless I give it a "raw"
>(i.e. unmixed) feed.  And that doesn't do me a lot of good.  I need to be able
>to define tracks at will into a file that I have already mixed.  Any

There is no difficulty doing as you wish. One way is with CDWAV, linked
from my WWW site. It permits you easily to locate the splits you want, then
to write either separate WAV files or a CUE sheet. Any program which uses a
CUE sheet (e.g., Nero, Feurio, Exact Audio Copy) will also use separate WAV
files; some such as WinOnCD and Easy CD Creator will use only WAV files.
Write DAO and there will be no intertrack gaps as long as the splits are on
block boundaries, the only way that CDWAV will split a track.

Any audio editor will split the track, but not all enforce block boundaries
so that gaps can occur. All of the mastering programs I listed will write
DAO, though I understand that it is more awkward with some than with those
I use (ECDC, EAC and WinOnCD).

The subject is covered well in the usual references: the CD-R FAQ and the
primer at my WWW site.

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