Gang, If you are attempting to do any recording using
your high-tech computer i suggest you take at look at
Precision CD WAv Converter.  It's FREE for 100 takes.
Has a time stop and the digital audio is equal to any
of the other software programs cost 10 times more.
What's $20 for something this good... I commend the
designer for allowing FREE USE for evaluation....
find it at Cnet or

Here is the deveoper's input:

From the developer: "Precision CD WAV MP3 Converter is
designed for beginners and ADVANCED users alike. Drag
and drop any number of files to the Conversion List.
Controls have a simple, logical layout. Pop-up
ToolTips help make the interface self-explanatory.
Create VERY HIGH-QUALITY output with precise control
over conversions. MP3 encoding uses CBR, VBR, and ABR
modes. Use Automatic Easy Presets for simple MP3
creation or choose the Manual or Expert modes for more
extensive settings. Convert to and from all supported
formats: WAV, MP3, Windows Media Audio 8 and 9, and
Ogg Vorbis. There's also a WAV recorder that can
capture and convert records, tapes, streaming Internet
audio, microphone, or any sound, to the DIGITAL WAV
format. All converter and CD extractor settings are
saved on exit. Package includes LAME-MP3/OGG Encoder,
v3.92 MMX, and Windows Media Audio 8 and 9 codecs. The
included Precision Digital Audio Extractor makes exact
digital copies of audio CD's using automatic error
correction. Retrieve and submit CD information using
the online FreeDB database. Keep your music collection
organized with automatic: track naming, artist/album
folder creation and MP3 ID3 tagging. There's also an
ID3 tag editor. Tracks are saved as WAV or MP3 (CBR or
VBR). Windows 95, 98 and ME users can also extract CD
tracks shown as WAV's in Windows Explorer.

Drew Malone; Raines III
H.E.A.R.T. & Associates
[log in to unmask]

--- Aaron Z Snyder <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Joe Salerno wrote:
> > AIUI, when it eliminates silence, it is
> eliminating packet delays. It can
> > capture net audio or what ever goes to the sound
> card.
> Joe is correct on this subject. Be aware, of course,
> that packets *can* get
> lost (not the fault of Totalrecorder, of course), so
> you *may* end up with
> discontinuities. That's always a chance one has to
> take with the internet.
> Aaron Z

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