Hi, David,

Since it's you <smile>, I thought I'd try out my setup and see if I could
emulate what you're attempting. It's not my normal workflow (I just bought
the Algorithmix Sound Laundry DirectX plug ins (yes, they're almost
ready--I got late betas)

I have an RME Multiface sound card, but I did it only using the SPDIF I/O.

There was a trap, I had to check a box in Samplitude 6.05 that said "Play
While Recording"

I set up a four-stereo-channel program (I used one that I had with an empty
fourth channel, actually)

I went to the mixer and muted channel four into the playback bus--could
have done this directly from the track, too.

I set record for channel four from the SPDIF input to the RME.

I hit record and track four was being recorded of the mix of tracks 1-3 via
an external processing box (well, CD-recorder). Routing was quick via my
M-Audio DigiPatch (too pad they discontinued it). It does almost as much as
what Graham has for half the price...quarter the price when I got it on
closeout <smile>.

I could do this in analog, too, on the RME. I cannot believe that the
CardDeluxe is incapable of doing this. Since my older computer with the
Zefrio ZA2 wasn't booted, I didn't try it, but I'm pretty sure the ZA-2
will also work this way with Samplitude.

I THINK the problem here is with Sound Forge, but I'd look for that obscure
box "play while recording" or something like that.

I agree with Alyssa Ryvers: It's normal multi-track stuff. I'd couch the
question that way. Your application may throw off the techies at Cool Edit,
but you only want to play back some tracks and record tracks. As far as the
DAW is concerned, it's no different than playing bed tracks into cans and
recording a vocal.

BTW, Samplitude offered an offset someplace to compensate for the external

Did  I ever say in public that I actually LIKE Samplitude <smile>.