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I thought I should pitch-in and mention what I have been doing regarding my
transfers. I begin with flat transfers to a Sadie system, but almost any
other audio software will work as mentioned in previous posts.  For
instance, you could try the free version of ProTools.  It works off of
Win98, or Mac OS9, and you can multi-track.  You can download it at: It's very user friendly, and *many* people use it.

Here, I do flat transfers to the Sadie system, which will enable me to
remove, or edit out any skips that might occur in the transfer.  The flat or
RAW transfers that I've recorded on tracks 1 & 2 of the Sadie unit are then
sent out digitally on channels 7&8 to another computer which is has a
software-based Cedar unit in it.  This is our "out-board gear" essentially.
I have a Sadie breakout box (patch bay) that links the computer with Sadie
with the other with Cedar.  The signal goes out of Cedar digitally (via the
patch bay), and comes back digitally onto Sadie tracks 3&4 that have set to
digital I/P 1&2.  I have to have tracks 3 & 4 record-enabled to be able to
hear tracks 1 & 2 play in this routing configuration.  If I put the Cedar
modules to pre-fader, then the signal coming out of tracks 3 & 4 will be the
straight raw audio from tracks 1 & 2 of the Sadie.  Once I change the
setting in Cedar to "post-fader," Cedar can affect the incoming audio from
tracks 1 & 2.  I can then tweak the Cedar settings to where I want them to
be *before* I begin recording on tracks 3 & 4.

The O/P for tracks 3 & 4 is O/P 1 & 2 that is then sent to the mixer, and
then to the speakers. The result is that I am able to play the raw file, but
hearing AND recording the cleaned because of my routing.  Any feedback is
avoided because I have restricted my signal output.  Transferring is all
about "to-from". Hope this helps.
Best Regards,

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On Fri, 3 Oct 2003, David Seubert wrote:

> If we want to use an external piece of equipment (e.g.
> Cedar, EQ, Packburn etc.) to modify the signal we are unable to do so.
> How to you make this work? Is there other software available (PC or Mac)
> that will allow this? We can't be the only people needing to do this and
> I'd be interested in hearing how others do this.

Not sure I understand the question, but...

I run ProTools on a Mac. I take the digital out to whatever, CEDAR,
Lexicon...etc. and then right back in and record on another track. No
feedback provided one mutes the playback on the channel being recorded.
I monitor the postprocess via the analog out which I feed to the preamp.