I agree with Tom completely on his point about fair use. I also think
that it would extend to samples (30 seconds or a minute for longer
recordings) for non-profit internet use.
   I sincerely hope that UCLA suceeds in establishing some kind of
precedent for fair use of sound recordings in an cross-institutional,
networked (as opposed to internet) framework. I think this would help
the Library of Congress a lot with its ongoing efforts to provide more
public access to its recorded sound collections.
   These are just my opinions, and do not represent any official
Library poilicy. Just so ya know.


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It is my position, that large Universities and other large institutions
to push for a realistic definition of fair use. If the UCLA Library
something available on their system, why can't it be accessible at any
library in the UC system, or any associated library at any institution?
long as it is accessible on computer terminals that only allow
listening and
do not allow copying of the sound files in any manner (CD burners,
etc), what's the problem?

I know most librarians feel this way too.