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>It is my position, that large Universities and other large institutions need
>to push for a realistic definition of fair use. If the UCLA Library has
>something available on their system, why can't it be accessible at any
>library in the UC system, or any associated library at any institution?

I agree with this in general. But would Arhoolie or other copyright holders
want usage restricted to one user at a time unless a multiple user license
were negotiated? I can see how record labels, book publishers and others
would be distressed to sell ONE copy of a given work to the to something
the size of the_entire_ UC system that was then shared everywhere.

>long as it is accessible on computer terminals that only allow listening and
>do not allow copying of the sound files in any manner (CD burners, email,
>etc), what's the problem?

Count on at least some of the listening stations being PCs, not "terminals"
and therefore easily hacked.

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