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You are invited to join us on later this month for the Texas Chapter of the
Association for Recorded Sound Collections' Fall Meeting!

Ed Case will present a program on Bob Skyles & his Skyrockets. "One of the
most fascinating, irresistible and - at times - maddening bands on the
musical landscape...they play with a raucus, ragged, rip-roaring abandon."
- Kevin Coffey

Ed's first radio job was as a volunteer DJ on Walter Reed Army Hospital's
Bedside Network 1948-52. He later worked for the Defense Department's
Public Information Office, ABC Radio's "Time for Defense," "The Armed
Forces Hour," Billy Graham's early "Hour of Decision," and a huge show
called "Battle Report" hosted by a very young David Brinkley. Ed moved to
Houston in 1952 and has worked for KTHT, KTRH, KRTS-FM radio.

He has narrated approximately 125 official films for NASA (from Gemini to
Apollo missions to Skylab) and conducted an in-home TV interview with
George and Barbara Bush. He also voiced radio spots for Bush's first
political campaign in 1964!

Here are the particulars:

Date:   Wednesday, October 22 from 7-9 PM

Location:   Houston Community College Central Campus, 3517 Austin St. (just
east of Main and south of Holman) - the meeting will be held in the Recital
Hall (Room 115) of the Fine Arts Center

Cost:   FREE!

Directions:   Approach Austin St. from Alabama St.; turn north on Austin
from Alabama; then go one block and turn right; then make an immediate left
into the parking garage. There's plenty of free parking in any space that
doesn't have a reserved sign on it. The parking garage is connected via a
covered walkway to the Fine Arts Center. Once parked, just go through the
short walkway (on the north side of the garage) and enter the FAC. Proceed
to Room 115, which is just to the left of that entrance.

Hope to see you there!

Kurt Nauck
President, ARSC-Texas Chapter