On Tue, 7 Oct 2003, David Seubert wrote:

> I will certainly look into the other programs such as Cool Edit, Pro Tools,
> Samplitude and Graham's TripleDAT. ProTools is the only one of these I've
> used before and it has always struck me as overkill for archival work, but
> perhaps not.

Protools can be overkill, but it depends on how much restoration you do
and how invasive you are in your restoration...

> And for Alyssa's comments about sound engineers. I'd like to hire one, but
> I think that for many institutions it is a stretch just to hire somebody at
> the curatorial level with expertise in audio media let alone an audio
> engineer.

I am reminded when I was hired and I asked for clerical support, and  a
full time engineer...after 20 years, I realize that it was amazing they
found the money to hire me.