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sam stephenson wrote:

> We have a collection of 1600 7" open reel tapes.  418 of the reels, we now
> know, contain about 1000 hours of jazz music and spoken word dialogues made
> in a NYC loft building 1957 to 1964.
> But the spoken word dialogues need cleaning up now so we can better make
> out voices and transcribe what's being said, which helps us identify
> content.
> None of us are engineers or technicians and we won't be doing any real
> restoration work until all content is identified.  Hearing spoken words
> more clearly would be very helpful.  We need something that is
> user-friendly and relatively affordable and that does not require a steep
> learning curve.

For non-technical people, you probably want something with a graphical user
interface, the useage of which is deadly obvious to all but the most
technologically challenged!

If you are prepared to purchase a computer and software to perform this task,
you probably have enough in the budget to afford something like a Weiss or
Yamaha YDP-2600 stand alone equalizer box... plug your muffled audio in, and
after some judicious tweaking of the controls, the results of which are
clearly displayed on a display screen integral to the equipment, get the
modified audio out to listen to or record on your existing equipment.

The Yamaha box is relatively cheap and probably quite well suited to your
needs, go here to look at it:,6373,CNTID%253D86%2526CTID%253D229000%2526VNM%253DLIVE%2526AFLG%253DY%2526LGFL%253DN,00.html

(This is a huge link and if it is broken, paste it together in your
  browser and it should take you to the correct page, otherwise
  go to and search for YDP-2600 in the professional
  audio category)

The Weiss box (go here to see  it: )

is considerably more expensive, but provides more flexibility and much
higher resolution which really is only needed if you are doing original
recordings to current day studio standards.

... Graham Newton

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