I believe Total Recorder (very inexpensive) (Win only) can be set for timed
recording, also the new Sound
Forge 7; I've used TR for unattended recording but not the Forge.

Interesting note (or not): when you click on Help\About in the program, it
has an option to go to the "highchiteria" hope page. People don't proof-read
squat nowadays.

On the home page you will find something resembling a phonograph in front of
a computer monitor.

Joe Salerno
Video Works! Is it working for you?
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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Digitizing programs with automatic stop feature?

> Dear friends:
> I am digitizing a pack of tapes and LPs and would like to just set the
> (Windoze) computer to recording the analog audio and not worry that I'll
> forget to turn recording off and suck up the whole hard disk. Are there
> recording programs with either a timed shut-off (end recording after XX
> minutes) or a feature that will end recording after YY minutes of silence?
> I really don't care what else the package does if it handles this, I've
> other software to manipulate the files. Shareware/freeware/cheapware would
> be great.
> Thanks very much,
> Joel
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