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<< More of an indexing situation than individual *tracks*
I think you know what I mean.  The piece still needs to play through without
interuptions.  I read that Digidesign has discontinued Masterlist CD and, as
far as I can tell, Toast won't allow me to do this unless I give it a "raw"
(i.e. unmixed) feed.  And that doesn't do me a lot of good.  I need to be
to define tracks at will into a file that I have already mixed.  Any
suggestions.....? >>

If you're using a recent MacIntosh Waveburner Pro from Emagic will do the

You must create new "tracks" to get ID's -- unless you are referring to
sub-indexes -- but not all CD players recognize "index" flags or access them, and
most people are completely unaware of them.

Most CD burning program just will not break existing audio files into tracks.
 That's one advantage of Waveburner Pro which will.

Good luck to you.

Dave Radlauer