Like Ed, I too am currently a student. I am in the Preservation and Conservation
Studies Dept at the University of Texas-Austin which, as some of you know, was
the host of this past summer's 'SOUND SAVINGS' conference. Also, by May I will
have already taken each of the core courses in archiving here at UT. Before I
came here I managed the Richard F. Wright Jazz Archive at the University of
Kansas for about a year and a half. As it happens, I'm digitizing cassettes of
telephone conversations as I type.

Long story short: we're out here.....

Brandon Burke

Brandon Burke
Graduate Research Assistant
Digital Library Services
University of Texas at Austin
(512) 495-4566
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Quoting Ed Moser <[log in to unmask]>:

> Guys---
> I'm currently a student at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences,
> and
> I have years of experiences recording audio in the field for video post. I'm
> WAY interested in landing an archival job. We have other students who'd be
> happy to do the same.
> --Ed