Unfortunately, I have as yet received no responses to the queries
below.  In hopes that there is someone out there who may have missed it the
first time I am trying one more time:

I have two unrelated questions about use of particular EAD elements:

1)  The v. 2002 tag library states that <eadid> states that the attributes
COUNTRYCODE and MAINAGENCYCODE are required for compliance with ISAD(G)
element 3.1.1 and recommends that at least one of the following attributes
be used to make the <EAD> globally unique:  URL, PUBLICID, IDENTIFIER.

My question is as follows:  How, exactly, should IDENTIFIER be used?  The
description in the tag library, "a machine readable unique identifier for
the finding aid file" seems kind of vague, and no examples are given.  Is
there a specific, recommended sytnax for this attribute?  Are the unique
filenames we assign to each EAD file within our institution appropriate to
use as the value for this attribute?  If so, how does the value of this
attribute differ from the content of the <eadid> element itself?  For
example, I currently encode as follows:

<eadid mainagencycode="MnU" countrycode="mnu">yusa0006</eadid>

where "yusa0006" is the unique filename assigned to that particular EAD file.

2)  Is anyone using a locally controlled vocabulary terms in
<controlaccess>?   According to the tag library, such terms are
permissible, but should not be used within <controlaccess> subelements
(e.g. <subject>).  If the terms are not used within subelements, how are
they to be used?  Would they just be directly within a <p> within a
<controlaccess> element?  (Since <controlaccess> cannot contain #PCDATA, I
assume such terms would have to be within <p>.)

If anyone is using locally controlled vocab terms in <controlaccess> I
would be interested in knowing exactly how you are encoding them and what
guidelines you have for using them.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Lara Friedman-Shedlov
Special Projects Archivist
Kautz Family YMCA Archives
University of Minnesota Libraries

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