Thanks for your response!

To clarify, it is not so much the syntax of @PUBLICID we are asking about
(though we agree it is confusing), but of @IDENTIFIER.  Basically, we would
like to know if @IDENTIFIER would be a viable alternative to @PUBLICID for
our purposes.  The problem is, we can't find any examples of how
@IDENTIFIER would be implemented.  The minimal explanation in the tag
library has failed to enlighten us.

/ Lara Friedman-Shedlov

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At 10:00 AM 10/2/03 -0500, you wrote:
>We have been thoroughly confused by the syntax of the formal public
>identifier (FPI) as well.   There are a couple of examples on the RLG's
>webpage, under "Site Configuration Guidelines for Finding Aid
>There's also sone directions (which in part contradict RLG's) at the
>berkeley site for retrospective conversion guidelines:
>Currently, the <eadid> we have for a finding aid have called "Dell" is:
><eadid publicid="-//US::Newberry Library::Roger and Julie Baskes
>Department of Special Collections//TEXT US::ICN::Midwest MS
>Dell::Dell.sgm//EN" countrycode="us" mainagencycode="icn">Midwest MS
>We're in contact with RLG and our outside consultant to make sure this is
>phrased correctly, because, as you said, it's difficult to find examples
>of the syntax.  I'm hoping my example will spark some discussion on the
>topic, and thanks for bringing it up.
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