Thanks so much for getting back to me quickly!

The project that I am spearheading is the development of a template and
stylesheet that will eventually be freely shared with other archives holding
original Quaker materials. We are probably the best funded and staffed of all
of these repositories. Last summer we began a pilot project with the Quaker
Collection at Haverford College to describe our mutual holdings of
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Now that we have approximately 300 finding aids
(mostly) coded, we need a coherent stylesheet that will make these
collections comprehendible to a wide variety of users. The style sheet that
we currently use for our family papers and corporate records here at Friends
Library is too general for this project. During the fall and winter we will
be polling reference staff and researchers alike to develop a framework. I
need a designer sometime this Spring or Summer to assist us to fine tune this
presentation. At this point I am merely trying to discover what professional
help will cost so that we can determine whether we need to raise money or
whether we can find enough in our regular budget.

I may be naive, but I think we will only need about one or two days of
assistance, starting from the existing style sheet which I modified from one
in the Cookbook. I will certainly contact you in the late winter for a more
specific proposal.

Pat O'Donnell
Archivist, Friends Historical Library
Swarthmore College

Elizabeth Shaw <[log in to unmask]> said:

> Hi,
> I actually do freelance consulting and one of the areas I work in is
> xslt. I also am very familiar with EAD - having worked with it even
> prior to its first release (when it was still called findaid). I
> recently completed work for RLG upgrading their transformation routines
> (which do not yet use XSLT) for Archival Resources so that they could
> handle EAD2002.
> I have also been working on a project using XSLT to transform manuscript
> catalogs encoded in an extension to TEI to HTML and also to a format
> that enables migration to a SQL database.
> I generally charge about $75 an hour depending on the complexity and
> extent of the job. Sometimes less, sometimes more.
> I assume that you are aware of Michael Fix's Cookbook and have looked at
> whether you can beg borrow and steal from them?
> You can learn more about me at
> and if you are interested in talking further I am available at
> 412-512-3815. It is best to set a time to talk via email so that I am
> sure to be around.
> Elizabeth Shaw
> Pat O'Donnell wrote:
> > I am using a somewhat crude (written by myself) style sheet for a discrete
> > subset of our EAD finding aids, but my design skills are rather
> > primitive.
> > Has anyone hired a freelance xsl style sheet designer? What should I
> > expect
> > to pay this person? Thank you for any information.