Greetings from Spain.

     (Please, excuse my "Read-Only-English" :-)

     Five months ago I posted another question about links in EAD 2002
(thanks to Daniel Pitti for his answer). When I read at the end of 2002
this new version of EAD (DTD and Tag Library, -TL from now-), I found
other amazing things, such as the "naming" of certain elements related
to linking (there's a summary at the end).

     By instance, is <extref> an "extended reference", as we can read in
TL, or an "external reference", as it appears in the comments of the DTD
itself? The same, about <extrefloc>, <extptr> and <extptrloc>.

     I think the correct interpretation is that of the DTD (the
Technical Document #1, and, in my opinion, the more normative). In fact,
in TL (Technical Document #2) the Description of "<extref> *Extended*
Reference", says: "A linking element that can include text and
subelements as part of its reference to an electronic object that is
*external* to the EAD document".

     This question is not trivial, since we are talking about links, and
W3C's XLink distinguish between "simple" and "extended" links (among
others). And note that <extref> (and so <extptr>) is not an "extended"
link, but a "simple" link. BTW, extended links (as they are defined in
XLink) are supported uniquely by EAD elements <daogrp> and <linkgrp>.

     A minor question about "naming" of <...loc> linking elements
(<ptrloc>, <refloc> and <daoloc>, in addition to "extended/external"
<extrefloc> and <extptrloc>): The naming in the DTD ("... Locator") is
also clearer than in TL ("... Location"), because all these five
elements are of XLink type "locator".

     Maybe this naming in TL should be changed according the DTD...

     Best regards.

Summary of "naming" discussed above for 4 elements, in TL and DTD:

TL : "Extended Reference"
DTD: "External Reference (xlink type 'simple')"

TL : "Extended Pointer"
DTD: "External Pointer (xlink type 'simple')"

TL : "Extended Pointer Location"
DTD: "External Pointer Locator (xlink type 'locator')"

TL : "Extended Reference Location"
DTD: "External Reference Locator (xlink type 'locator')"

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