I was glad to get it.  We haven't started on the EAD road yet, but I led a photodigital project

Where can one obtain the Fix Cookbook?


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Subject: Oops and Sorry Re: xsl style sheet designers

Sorry to all on the EAD list,

I don't believe in doing marketing on email lists.
I meant to send my last message to Pat O'Donnell only.
Too late in the day and I guess and I hit the wrong button.

Egg on my face in the extreme.

Liz Shaw

Pat O'Donnell wrote:

> I am using a somewhat crude (written by myself) style sheet for a discrete
> subset of our EAD finding aids, but my design skills are rather
> primitive.
> Has anyone hired a freelance xsl style sheet designer? What should I
> expect
> to pay this person? Thank you for any information.