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> We have received a request to add an ISO 639 alpha-3 identifier for Klingon.

> Please see for inside information. We are talking > about
> an "invented language" (although I suppose we will classify it as an
> "artificial language").
> A sufficient number of documents seem to exist.

Yes - so let's provide a code for it. We can also discuss this
informally in Brussels in a few days.

Ken Whistler stated a couple of years ago that there are more users
of Klingon than Navajo - mainly in Latin script, I've noticed in

I don't thing that invented languages need any greater criteria than
any other languages,

Does my meomory serve me ill, or is there now an ISO 639-2 code for
Lojban? And there a re also no native speakers of Esperanto, though
nobody would dispute that it should have a code.


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