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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 00:42:09 +0200
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Subject: The Valencian language

Hello friends I am Joan Benet, Webmaster i creator of the page,
Valencian Language Yes.

I have verified which they have added the Valencian language next to the
Catalan in both letters, as much the "C", like the "V".
A good friend mine has commented to me who you argued to him that they
considered to the Valencian like dialect of the Catalan, but
historically is not thus.
The Valencian language always has been an independent language of any
other present language, and the first Romance language in having a
century of gold of the "letters".
I invite to them to that they read the study that I accompany to them, i
that they visit the page of Valencian Llengua Yes, so that they can have
one more a ampler vision of subject, and can build consequently.
For any additional information that they can need, they do not doubt in
putting itself in contact with us.
Thank you very much by its time.
A Hug.
Joan Benet Rodríguez Manzanares
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