Jimmie and others:

I have some comments on the draft sent out yesterday.  Rather than
them in the text, I'll note the places.  I hope that's OK.

Starting at the beginning--

1. In the paragraph starting "The mandate for this work..." where we talk
about the
Charles Fenly report, how about "which examined the SACO program workflow in
some detail and outlined possible improvements."

2. In the section Membership Benefits, in the paragraph starting
"Utility-based submission.."
Do you want to put in a mention that CPSO would retain final editorial
review and would
then produce the records in the utility?  (I think it's good to emphasize

3. In the section Web-based training - we mention that this could
incorporate some of the
materials developed for the in-person workshops and some of the material
from the SACO
Participants' Manual.  I would also add that the web-based training could
incorporate some
of the valuable material already on the PCC SACO webpage, such as the FAQ
and the list
of web resources, etc.

4. In the next session, Processes -- Where we have some of the drawbacks
listed ("It does not
permit saving..."), I would also add that it requires diacritics to be
written out such as [acute].
And then later in that paragraph, being able to enter diacritics should be
listed as an advantage
of utility-based submission.

5. And don't you want Jimmie Lundgren, University of Florida, Chair to be
the first name on
the list?!

(I'll be out of the office Oct. 20-23 but will try to check email if possible.)


At 12:57 PM 10/16/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear SACO Task Group,
>         If you haven't had time to review my previous messages yet, please
>toss them out and respond to the draft below. It is continuing to evolve
>with your help, and I hope to hear something from each of you in the near
>future so that we may still meet the deadline. Especially, please tell me if
>there are parts of the charge the report fails to address or if you disagree
>with anything or feel we can express it in a better way. I really hate
>criticism, but I much prefer that it happen before we send it as a final
>report and we have to live with it forever :-)
>         Thanks and best regards,