Hi Hugh and all,
        I noticed this announcement on the PCC listserve also. John Mitchell
writes these updates, and I spoke with him on the phone last week and knew
he would include something about our draft. He had to write it a little in
advance because he was going out of town and won't be back until the 28th.
        Has anyone had any direct experience with this new feedback
mechanism yet? I will be working on integrating the input you have sent with
the previous draft of our report today and tomorrow and hope to send a new,
(and dare I dream final?), draft by Friday.
        Hugh and Adam, since you did not reply specifically to the recent
message but had indicated in earlier messages being OK with the 2-letter
proposal from Mary Charles, I will count your votes as yes to that proposal
unless I hear otherwise. Since there are 6 regular members of the task
group, that would make 4 yes votes a clear majority with no dissenting votes
so far. Susan had said she will be out through tomorrow, so that explains
her silence. The 4 liaisons have not chosen to give the group their
preferences, although one did separately give me input. Please wish me good
luck and a flowing keyboard and have a great day.

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I was out of town at a meeting yesterday. Came in this morning to find the
following in a regular PCC "update" message. I find it strange that the
contribution process should be changed whilst we're working on issues that
include, inter alia, communication with SACO contributors, without our
being kept informed as to what's going on.
 "The Task Group on SACO Program Development is still drafting its final
report that will be available soon. The first draft of the final report has
been circulated among Task Group members; it is anticipated that the
comprehensive report will be available in time for Midwinter 2003 in San

SACO participants should benefit from the new SACO "feedback" mechanism
which has been developed and instituted. This software program
automatically notifies SACO contributors when subject proposals have been
downloaded into the authority file and that subject proposals are available
for searching through LC's Web OPAC."
I sugggest that we say in a covering letter accompanying the report that
the latter was drafted before the news of this change was announced, and
that we did not attempt to reflect this enhancement (welcome as it is -
don't get me wrong!) in our comments.