Jimmie & All,

I hope others with more "English" background will do more editing
but I have a few spots for comments that will hopefully help the

In the first paragraph:

> Through SACO many useful changes and additions have been proposed
> and adopted over this time, and the often-heard criticism that LC
> is unresponsive to change can be answered.

I am not sure that the criticism was LC... it was most often LCSH
and sometimes LCC. For simplicity could we change this to  "LC
Subject Headings?

Toward the end under training:

 The BIBCO training
> program includes a session devoted to SACO that is very helpful,
> and proposal-specific input from experts at LC is also extremely
> valuable for building greater expertise in preparing subject
> heading proposals.

 I don't remember any SACO training as part of our Bibco training.
I have previously commented on the Day 5 training as part of the
NACO program and how positively it has been received at the
institutions that I have trained.

As for the report, I've already made lots of comments, many of
which were out of sync with these recommendations.

Mary Charles