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Mary Charles

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> Hi Hugh and all,
>         I noticed this announcement on the PCC listserve also.
> John Mitchell writes these updates, and I spoke with him on the
> phone last week and knew he would include something about our
> draft. He had to write it a little in advance because he was
> going out of town and won't be back until the 28th.         Has
> anyone had any direct experience with this new feedback mechanism
> yet? I will be working on integrating the input you have sent with
> the previous draft of our report today and tomorrow and hope to
> send a new, (and dare I dream final?), draft by Friday.
>         Hugh and Adam, since you did not reply specifically to
> the recent message but had indicated in earlier messages being OK
> with the 2-letter proposal from Mary Charles, I will count your
> votes as yes to that proposal unless I hear otherwise. Since
> there are 6 regular members of the task group, that would make 4
> yes votes a clear majority with no dissenting votes so far. Susan
> had said she will be out through tomorrow, so that explains her
> silence. The 4 liaisons have not chosen to give the group their
> preferences, although one did separately give me input. Please
> wish me good luck and a flowing keyboard and have a great day.
> Jimmie
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> Subject: [PCCTG1] [Fwd: Autumn leaves and Annual reports]
> I was out of town at a meeting yesterday. Came in this morning to
> find the following in a regular PCC "update" message. I find it
> strange that the contribution process should be changed whilst
> we're working on issues that include, inter alia, communication
> with SACO contributors, without our being kept informed as to
> what's going on.
>  "The Task Group on SACO Program Development is still drafting
> its final report that will be available soon. The first draft of
> the final report has been circulated among Task Group members; it
> is anticipated that the comprehensive report will be available in
> time for Midwinter 2003 in San Diego.
> SACO participants should benefit from the new SACO "feedback"
> mechanism which has been developed and instituted. This software
> program automatically notifies SACO contributors when subject
> proposals have been downloaded into the authority file and that
> subject proposals are available for searching through LC's Web
> OPAC."
> I sugggest that we say in a covering letter accompanying the
> report that the latter was drafted before the news of this change
> was announced, and that we did not attempt to reflect this
> enhancement (welcome as it is - don't get me wrong!) in our
> comments.
> Regards,
> Hugh

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