>  Lars Gaustad wrote:
> >Speaking of Tandbergs,
> >would anyone know the proper playback EQ
> >for old Tandbergs.
Mike Richter wrote:

> I'm afraid you have me thoroughly confused with your question. Playback EQ
> for each speed is selected by choosing that speed on the deck. As far back
> as the Model 6 and at all three speeds of each Tandberg I owned, record and
> play equalization were standard and unalterable.

I do believe that what Mr Gaustad is asking has to do with if the
machine follows American EQ standards eg NAB or if the Tandberg rec/play
EQ follows European convention eg IEC/CCIR.

This is ALWAYS necessary to know and without it then the playback EQ
settings becomes a pure guesswork unless somebody have been thoughtful
enough to put the always necessary calibration tones at head to
guarantee that the playback machine can be exactly adjusted to have the
same azimuth and frequency response as the recording device.

At least 40 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz is necessary to be sure that this
can be done.


Goran Finnberg
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