Hello Kurt,

What with your being able to help Mr. Gediman, I thought I'd post a
request for a few Family Theater transcriptions for which I've searched
and found only dubbed down versions with additional digital artifacts
created by well-meaning attempts to clean them up.  Personally, I'd
prefer a "dirty" original to one that has been dirtied digitally.  I use
The Disc Doctor's cleaning techniques (Miracle Record Cleaner solution
and brushes) with excellent results to get most of the contaminants out
of the grooves and off the surfaces.  Then, in most cases, I can get rid
of any remaining surface noises by gently using my own assortment of
digital tools and techniques.

The shows I'm looking for are the following:

#81 "Half-time Strategy" 8-26-48 *
#91 "Little Lost Shepherd"  11-10-48
#106 "Many Happy Returns" 2-23-49 *
#163 "The Fabulous P.T. Barnum" 3-29-50 *
#164 "The Royal Road" 4-5-50 *

* These shows my have been preempted, but we've not been able to find
this out for certain.

Thanks for any assistance in this search.

Rod Stephens
Family Theater Productions

Kurt Nauck wrote:

> At 02:32 PM 11/26/2003, you wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am a public radio producer working on a documentary for NPR about the
>> 1950s radio series "This I Believe" which was hosted by Edward R.
>> Murrow.
>> So far, I have only found two archives that have accessible copies of
>> any
>> of these programs, which were originally issued to radio stations on  LP
>> discs. The two places I have been dealing with to date are the National
>> Archives and the archives at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.
>> Between them, they have several, but not all of the programs in the
>> series. I am trying to find them all (as well as any print material
>> about
>> them, but that is for another query on another list).
>> The good news is that these shows were released three times, once to
>> domestic radio stations, once via the Voice of America, and once via
>> Armed
>> Forces Radio. Since over 200 stations aired the series domestically plus
>> VOA and AFRS, I am hoping that there might be other copies out there. In
>> particular, I am trying to find a program that featured Albert
>> Einstein as
>> guest. It is one of those that neither archive has in their holdings.
>> If anyone either has any of these discs (or tapes of discs) in their
>> collections, or knows of anyone that might, please let me know. I would
>> also be interested if anyone has a complete list of the shows in the
>> series, regardless of whether you actually have the shows themselves.
>> Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
>> Happy Thanksgiving!
>> Dan Gediman
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> I have them - you may contact me directly.
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