I checked out Bizrate and found the following offerings at this link:,keyword--74%20minute%20CD-R.html

A 150 pack without jewel cases and a five pack with jewel cases.  I've
also recently bought Verbatim  DataLifePlus using what they call "AZO
Blue Technology" which claims 100 year life and low error rates on a
variety of burners.  Of course, this all remains to be seen.  I'm sure
you can find them, too, by doing a Google search.

Rod Stephens
Family Theater Productions

David Seubert wrote:

> I'd like to get opinions from people on the list on 74 vs. 80 minute
> CDRs.
> We are finding it increasingly difficult to find 74 minute CDs. Last
> time I
> needed CDRs I found that Taiyo-Yuden now only makes 80 minute discs
> and in
> fact very few companies make 74 minute CDRs. We burn on two brands,
> Mitsui
> and a second brand. The latest batch we bought were Verbatim, which we
> are
> discovering have very high error rates on our setup when burned above 12x
> (though they are fine below 12x).
> I've always avoided 80 minute discs because my understanding is that Red
> Book CDs are 74 minutes long and 80 minute CDs are not Red Book standard.
> Is this correct? Is there another standard for 80 minute CDs, or is the
> design of 80 minute discs subject to the whims of the manufacturer? Is
> there actually any evidence of greater incompatibility with 80 minute
> discs? I don't want to switch to 80 min, but it looks like the market may
> be heading that way.
> David
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