Why not BTW himself?  I don't know, and can't cite my sources, but recall
reading somethings a number of years ago that cast doubt on the speaker
actually being Washington himself.

As to the completeness of the speech, it was made late enough that it was
likely intended to be issued double sided.  I recall discussing this with
AFR Lawrence who checkd but found nothing to indicate a yeas or no.  I'm at
home and Brooks' Columbia list is at work so I can't check if the matrix is
sandwiched between those of other performers or not.

Steve Smolian

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> << There is still some question, probably now unresolvable,  as to if this
> really Washington or a younger relative.  Also, what happened to the other
> part(s)?
>   >>
> Why does anyone think it is someone other than BTW himself?  And why do
> think there are other parts to this?   The part we have (mx 14605-1, I
> is the Cast Down Your Buckets speech, arguably the most memorable segment
> his presentation.
> If I recall correctly, it was discovered accidentally.  I believe Frank
> Driggs ordered ARC mx. 14605-1,  "Slow Water Blues" by Tallahassee Tight
> thought he did) and this was pulled and pressed instead.  And AFR
Lawrence, then
> working as the Coumbia archivist and closing down the Bridgeport facility,
> identified it as Washington.
> Paul Charosh