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 As to the completeness of the speech, it was made late enough that it was
 likely intended to be issued double sided. >>

It's in the 14500 personal series, devoted to trials and personal recordings.
 It wouldn't have been intended for general release.   I believe I've seen
single-sided personal recordings from that era.   Anyhow --- I think the
"it-must-have-been-somebody-else" theory comes from recognition that speeches by
prominent people, such as the oration by Dr. Murgeldoogle on the Occasion of his
Receipt of the Abdigdef Award (or, if you want a real example, the Address by
the Late President McKinley at the Pan American Exposition)  was actually made
by Len or Harry Spencer.   But in the case of BTW --- he was alive and well
and why should he *not* have made this recording himself?

I recall being told that an early pressing turned up with a special label
indicating that it was distributed or sold as a fund raiser for a Negro college
(?) fund of some sort.   But I have no details and please, let no one circulate
this story now and turn it into a record collector's urban legend.

Paul Charosh