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<< I've always avoided 80 minute discs because my understanding is that Red
Book CDs are 74 minutes long and 80 minute CDs are not Red Book standard.
Is this correct? Is there another standard for 80 minute CDs, or is the
design of 80 minute discs subject to the whims of the manufacturer? Is
there actually any evidence of greater incompatibility with 80 minute
disc! >>

The error rates you found with Verbatim may have had nothing to do with the
fact that they were 80 not 74 min -- but to do with dye formulation or other
physical factors.  Red Book is more a function of the way CD writing software
formats the information going on to the disc.  What software are you burning
discs with? -- many are not Red Book Compliant anyway.

Though I prefer 74 min discs because they track better in older, or marginal,
CD players due to the width and pitch of the spiral groove, they have become
nearly impossible to find on a regular basis.  The market is definetly headed
that way.

Dave Radlauer