However, playback EQ standards have changed over the years, especially at
consumer speeds (in Europe).
During the late 1950s-early 1960s, 9,5 cm/s (3.75 in/s) tapes were recorded
at 140 Ás (same wavelength as 38 cm/s - 35 Ás).
In more recent machines, this was changed to 90Ás.
At 19 cm/s (7.5 in/s), EQ changed form 70 Ás (CCIR) to 50 Ás (DIN consumer)


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At 10:58 AM 11/20/2003 +0100, Lars Gaustad wrote:
>Speaking of Tandbergs,
>would anyone know the proper playback EQ
>for old Tandbergs.

I'm afraid you have me thoroughly confused with your question. Playback EQ
for each speed is selected by choosing that speed on the deck. As far back
as the Model 6 and at all three speeds of each Tandberg I owned, record and
play equalization were standard and unalterable.

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