Speaking of Tandbergs,
would anyone know the proper playback EQ
for old Tandbergs.

lars gaustad
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Emne: Re: [ARSCLIST] Tandberg 6000X Tape Deck

At 08:30 PM 11/19/2003 -0800, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>If you already HAVE the machine, it is certainly a competent machine, and I
>would see how it works for the applications you describe.
>I would not bother with a pro machine for what you're talking about and
>perhaps the Tandberg will meet your needs.
>There are much WORSE machines.
>I responded the way I did as I thought you were an archive trying to
>transfer holdings of the New York Public Library <smile>.

Tandbergs are fine machines for home use when properly tuned. However, my
experience with many models is that they do need regular attention. That
was a minor problem forty years ago when my first tape deck was a Tandberg
6, but today getting competent service is a major issue.

If you have the deck and it is generally functional, then find someone who
can service it. Though it will seem too expensive, it will be much less
costly than buying a pro machine and after competent service it will
deliver the goods as well as a pro deck - for a year or so of substantial

On the other hand, since I bought my Studer a year or so ago, I've wondered
how I could have put up with any home unit for all those years. (The answer
is: money.)

All of the above is personal experience, not based on formal studies or
laboratory experiment.

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