Aloha y'all...

I've been a subscriber for quite some time and curious about EAD and its ability to make things more accessible for everyone ... and more interesting for us as well...  8-)

Well, for two days this past week, I was able to visit Wilmington, NC, and meet Kathy Wisser, Ruth Bryan, and Kim Cumber as a participant in their very interesting and educational introduction workshop to EAD.  They did a superb job of educating and entertaining, and I am now beginning to understand more fully the width and depth of this very ambitious, and worthwhile, project.

Of course, the understanding part is the piece of cake... the preparation of the batter is where the complexity confounds... primarily because we're throwing in the ingredients and creating the recipe at the same time... so although we can envision the final dessert in its entirety, and already have the frosting waiting to lather up the cake, it appears we're hung up choosing the right proportion for all the ingredients we've collected, mixing the batter to the proper consistency, and can't seem to get any manufacturer to build us the proper oven for baking ...  8-)

Whatever the future may hold, it won't be boring. . .

Aloha y'all ... Earl J.
US Army Special Operations Command
History Directorate
Fort Bragg, North Carolina
"Just an old Maui boy with a poor sense of direction...
working his way home - one state at a time -
currently working in the State of Confusion!"