To:  Federal Information Professionals inside and outside the DC area--
Do you want to expand your knowledge of federal librarianship and contribute to the broader federal library and information community at the same time?  Think about volunteering for a FLICC (Federal Library and Information Center Committee) working group.
A list of active working groups is included at the end of this message. There are two working groups in particular that are seeking volunteers:
1.  Ad Hoc Working Group on Competitive Sourcing -- This new working group will be launched in January 2004.  Its charge is to gather information about the process of competitive sourcing (including the FAIR Act inventory and OMB Circular A-76), learn from libraries that have experience with the process, and provide information resources to federal libraries and information centers that need to prepare for the process in their own agencies.
2.  Personnel Working Group -- This standing working group is reviving under new leadership--Mary Boone (Dept. of State) and Greta Lowe (NASA-Langley) are the new co-chairs.  Their immediate focus will be (a) improving recruitment and hiring into federal librarianship; (b) working with OPM to define required competencies for the information professional; (c) enhancing mid-career professional development and opportunities; and (d) exploring the use of internships as a source of recruitment for beginning level professionals.  The group normally meets at 1:30 on the second Tuesday of each month.  However, the next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 25 at 1:30.
Most working groups meet monthly at the FLICC offices in the Adams Building of the Library of Congress.  Professionals outside the DC area are welcome to join via speakerphone.  We are also experimenting with use of PictureTel and compatible technology, if you have that available in your agency.
Contact me at 202-707-4801 or at [log in to unmask] if you are interested.
Other working groups of possible interest:
Budget and Finance
Content Management
Federal Depository Libraries/GPO Partnership
Preservation and Binding
Susan M. Tarr, Executive Director
Federal Library and Information Center Committee (FLICC)
Library of Congress
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tel. 202-707-4800/01
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